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Princess Leia the girl who almost killed the great jedi Darth Vader. How? Why? We don't be bop know!

They also think that she was driving the car that hit Han Solo.

Leia has a scary fetish for weapons and guns, when she became a Jedi Luke wouldn't let her build a lightsa ber, for fear that she might let ol' Han Solo have it.


Do we really have to give details on this?




(Supposedly) Bomb


"I never Brush my teeth"

"I hate pens"

Oh, shoot. I'm dating my brother.

"What do you mean I can't carry a gun in the Hospital?!"
"Sorry miss, no weapons are permited."
"Oh, Right how come you let that other guy in with a gun."
"Luke Skywalker told me about you, besides that's Boba Fett, you don't mess with him."- Princess Leia arguing with Jeff Mango.